Pоtеntіаl Hаzаrds of Fоrklіft Calgary

Forklifts are made to do a job, they are made to move materials. But forklifts wear out, forklifts age, forklifts become obsolete, and sometimes you need to just sell your forklift. If you’ve made the decision to sell your forklift, there are things that you need to consider to get the best value possible with forklift sales.

Are you selling or updating ?

Making the decision if you are wanting to trade in your forklift on a newer forklift, or selling your forklift outright because you no longer have e a need for it, will make a big difference in the return you can expect.

If you are wanting to update your forklift, a trade-in forklift will always present more value to a forklift dealer, as it allows them to manage their margin, with a new forklift sale in the deal.

Just selling your forklift because you don’t need it, provides very little value to a forklift dealer. Most times they have a yard full of second hand forklifts that they are trying to sell, and a yard full of new forklifts that they really want to sell more.

Getting your forklift ready to sell

Forklift sales are strangely just like selling your home or car, you need to present your equipment in the best light possible. if it’s a newer make and model that you have and are wanting to sell, that has been banged around a bit, and is in need of a service. Maybe give it a quick paint job and get your forklift serviced. Present it in the best light possible, a potential buyer won’t want to have to spend money and time on getting it fixed up.

If your forklift is older, and past the stage of getting it painted to look better. Then make sure it is serviced with no leaks. there is nothing worse than having someone inspect your forklift drive it and see that there is a patch of oil under the forklift.

Always look at the condition of your tyres, putting a new set of tyres on a forklift, will always encourage a potential buyer, as it will save potential out lay of more cost.

Different ways for selling your forklift

With any forklift sale, you need to decide how you sell it, as we said above selling it to a forklift dealer might not get you the best price, so a private sale is the next best thing. You can put an ad in the local paper week after week and hope you might get someone interested in it, which can be a very costly method.

The internet has now become a haven for people wanting to sell or buy things, forklifts are no different. You could list your forklift on line in an Ebay auction, which can get quite expensive with fees. ForklftMarket.com.au has become a great forum to sell forklifts and associated equipment through, with a private listing costing a one of $60 fee. Your listing is there for as long as it takes to sell your forklift.

It’s easy to get the best value with forklift sales, you just need to make sure you take the time to sell it in the best way possible to ensure you get the best price possible.

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